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As a CRNA at Mayo Clinic you will change lives-including your own.  You will work alongside world-renowned physicians and have the chance to choose from a wide number of specialties and settings.  Focus on procedures inside or outside of the operating room.  Experience a case mix of thoracic, vascular, neurology, orthopedics, general surgery, ophthalmology, urology, ENT, gynecology, plastics, basic pediatrics and more.

You can choose to work in our large medical centers in Minnesota, Arizona, and Florida, or in a community-based practice with Mayo Clinic Health System in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

Your career begins with a universal orientation to acquaint you with our medical campus, employee resources, and benefit and policy information.  Next you receive orientation in the Department of Anesthesiology, tailored to your personal background.  You will experience a hands-on introduction to the technologies, policies, and procedures used within the practice.  You will also spend time in a variety of clinical areas with an experienced CRNA.  Rotation scheduled in each area are individually tailored to you.

Whatever path you choose, you’re joining a multidisciplinary team that delivers high quality, compassionate medical care.  We are the largest integrated, not-for-profit medical group practice in the world, combining the best care, groundbreaking research, and innovative medical education.  And as you will see, our unique culture offers a blend of career mobility and fascinating challenges you won’t find anywhere else.  An added advantage is the opportunity to see rare and challenging cases here at Mayo Clinic that many medical professionals never experience.

Working at Mayo Clinic won’t just make you better-it will change your life.

Our Stories

Hear from our employees as they share their stories about being what it means to be a CRNA at Mayo Clinic.

CRNA Cara Mann on being a CRNA at Mayo Clinic:

Cara Mann speaks about how being a CRNA at Mayo Clinic fulfills her professionally, highlighting the diversity of cases and the comradery of the Anesthesiology department along with working in operating room as a team.

CRNAs on Growing Your Career at Mayo Clinic:

Together, Jean Guyer, Marlea Judd, and Jane Peterson share how CRNAs can further develop in their career at Mayo Clinic, an environment that fosters life-long learning.

CRNAs on Why Choose Mayo Clinic. 

Nursing Anesthetist leaders Jane Peterson, Marlea Judd, and Jean Guyer, together with Cara Mann speak to what differentiates the CRNA experience at Mayo Clinic from other healthcare organizations.

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